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Cat's Claw (Uncaria tomentosa) also known as "Una de Gato" is a sacred South American herb that grows in the rainforest. It has been used for hundreds of years for stimulating the immune system and treating a variety of health imbalances. Each capsule contains 540mg of concentrated standardized Cat's Claw Extract. (Std. to 3% Oxindole tomentosa)

South American Herb

  • Detoxify
  • Cleanse
  • Constipation
  • Immune Response
  • Intestinal Health
  • Diarrhea

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IngredientsOne Capsule Contains
Cat's Claw Extract (Std. to 3% Oxindole Alkaloids)540 MG
120 Vegetarian Capsules (Uncaria tomentosa)

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Cat's Claw, also known as "Una de Gato" from the Peruvian rain forest is a favorite for stimulating the immune system. Worldwide research done on this powerful herb has led scientists to patent many of the single chemicals found in it for use on cancer, arthritis, AIDS and other diseases. However traditional wisdom shows that using the whole plant can be far more powerful than any one isolated ingredient." Excerpt from the book: Powerful and Unusual Herbs from the Amazon and China, published by the World Preservation Society.

This miraculous herb has been used for hundreds of years by the Ashaninka Indians of Peru to stimulate the immune system and treat a wide variety of health problems. Cat's Claw, scientifically know as 'Uncaria tomentosa,' it is a large woody vine that is found at high elevations in the rain forest. These slow growing vines take 20 years to reach maturity and grow to be more than 100 feet in length. The herb is aptly named because the vines have cat's claw like thorns that attach to the trees enabling the vines to wind around and grow up into trees.

There are over 60 species of Uncaria which grow throughout the world including one found in the southern United States. It is the Uncaria tomentosa variety which only comes from Peru that has documented medicinal properties. When purchasing Cat's Claw be sure to read the label because many products called Cat's Claw are not Uncaria tomentosa. Our Cat's Claw is Uncaria tomentosa.

The Medicine Woman

Plant Laboratory

Perhaps the first person outside the indigenous Indian culture to use Cat's Claw tea was Don Luis, a 78 year old Peruvian plantation owner. In 1972 Don Luis was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and sent home to die by his doctors. His son gave him Una de Gato tea from an Indian medicine women. Don Luis drank the tea several times a day. In six months he had no signs of the cancer. He remained robust and healthy, and lived to be 90 years old.

In these modern times we have developed a vast variety of pharmaceutical drugs which are mostly derived from chemicals extracted from plants or synthetically prepared to replicate a chemical from a plant. Often there are serious side effects from the use of drugs. They do not treat the cause of disease, but focus on alleviating symptoms. When using natural foods and herbs the focus is on prevention and treatment of disease by strengthening the body and boosting the immune system through nourishment and detoxification. Newspapers, magazines and television are constantly shocking us with exposes about the side effects, damage and diseases caused by a particular drug. Antibiotic resistant disease has reached epidemic proportions in the world. Many people are now turning back to nature for safe and effective alternatives for protecting and supporting the immune system and treating illness.

Uncaria tomentosa Research

Doctor-Test Tube

Botanical references to Uncaria tomentosa date back as far as the late 1700s. The first chemical study performed on the species was conducted in France in 1952. Una de Gato was re-discovered by Austrian scientist, Dr. Klaus Keplinger, during a trip to Peru in 1974 when he learned of the herb's effectiveness through an Ashanica Indian working with Doctors in the jungle. Since then worldwide chemical, pharmacological, and clinical studies has been conducted by several Peruvian research facilities, the University of Innsbrook in Austria, the University of Munich in Germany, the Huntington Research Center in England, the central Research Institute of Chemistry in Hungary, the University of Milan in Italy, and the University of Naples in Italy. There are currently several clinical studies being conducted around the world at this time.

Cat's Claw is endorsed by many of the world's leading immunologists and herbal doctors. Dr. Donna Schwontkowski, who wrote the wonderful book, Herbs from the Amazon, stated that Cat's Claw, "is the most powerful immune enhancing herb of all the herbs native to the Peruvian Amazon." In his article titled, New World Class Herb for A.K. Practice, Dr. Brent Davis, D.C., describes his research which began in 1988 and his subsequent clinical evaluations of the herb, continuing to the present. Dr. Davis states that "Uncaria tomentosa is a world class herb which has the power to arrest and reverse deep seated pathologies allowing a more rapid return to health." Many authorities feel that Cat's Claw has so many therapeutic applications that it appears to far surpass other well known herbs such as Echinacea, Golden seal, Pau d'arco, Siberian ginseng, and other natural products such as Citrus seed extract, and Caprylic and Lauric acids.

Amazing Pharmacology

lymph 2

Cat's Claw targets the immune, intestinal, and the cardiovascular system. Dr. Keplinger was issued 2 patents for isolating six oxindole alkaloid compounds found in the plant. Alkaloids are organic nitrogenous compounds which have a wide range of pharmacological and biological therapeutic functions in the body. The unique alkaloids in Cat's Claw may to enhance the immune system and appear to have a profound effect on the ability of the white blood cells to engulf and digest harmful micro-organisms and foreign matter. One Cat's Claw alkaloid named rynchophylline, has demonstrated an ability to enhance the circulation of the blood and reduce the buildup of platelets in the arteries, which reduces clot formation and may help in the prevention of strokes and heart attacks.

Cat's Claw has also been found to contain quinovic acid glycosides, triterpenes, polyphenols, proanthocyanidins and plant sterols. Glycosides are important sugars for the functioning of the heart and blood stream and have specific anti-viral properties. Tests found three glycosides in Cat's Claw to have specific anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties not found in any other plant. Triterpenes tested in Cat's Claw have highly anti-inflammatory properties and to help boost T cell activity. The triterpenes also have antioxidant, anti-tumor, anti-ulcer and anti-allergy properties. Plant sterols possess anti-inflammatory, and anti-tumor properties, and may serve as precursors to hormonal production and have been reported to be helpful in controlling cholesterol levels. Polyphenols and proanthocyanidins are thought to be the most powerful antioxidants and free radical scavengers known. Proanthocyanidins are also commonly known as Pycnogenol or OPC. Proanthocyanidins are 50 times more powerful than vitamin E and 20 times more powerful than Vitamin C as free radical scavengers.

Antioxidant Potential


Cellular damage due to free radicals is thought to be the major factor in the cause of many diseases, including cancer, cardiovascular, arthritis, diabetes, stroke and cataract. Oxygen free radicals serve a purpose in the body by burning bacteria and refuse matter. Out of control free radicals in places they don't belong become toxic molecules which damage the body through a process known as oxidative stress. Our bodies are constantly bombarded with free radical generating substances from air and water pollutants, sunlight, radiation, drugs, alcohol, tobacco smoke, pesticides, chemicals, solvents and fried foods, etc. Oxidation in our bodies is like rust or rot; it is literally decay eating away at our very being.

Plant sterols, triterpenes, proanthocyanidins, and polphenols, all contribute to the antioxidant capabilities of Cat's Claw. Smoking is one of the worst causes of oxidative stress in the body. Researchers at the University of Milan in 1992, conducted a study on smokers and found Cat's Claw to have anti-mutagenic activity. This means it has the ability to protect the cells from mutating, which is what happens when cancer develops. The researchers concluded that: "This plant shows anti-mutagenic activity in smokers, confirming its high antioxidant potential." The abundant phytochemicals found in Cat's Claw work synergistically to biologically enhance the function of each individual component thereby creating a host of therapeutic benefits not found in any other known plant.

Scientist looking in Microscope

The Opener of The Way

Dr. Brent Davis refers to Cat's Claw as the "opener of the way" and stated that "Uncaria tomentosa has the ability to break through severe intestinal derangements that no other available products can touch." Cat's Claw has demonstrated an ability to cleanse and detoxify the entire intestinal tract and may help people suffering from many different stomach and bowel disorders, including: diverticulitis, chron's disease, colitis, gastritis, leaky bowel syndrome, hemorrhoids, ulcers, fistulas, and parasites. Many health professionals believe that when intestinal flora is out of balance the immune system is also compromised. Cat's Claw can also contribute to restoring the friendly intestinal flora.


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There have been numerous articles written about Cat's Claw being used to prevent and overcome various cancers. Preliminary reports show that Cat's Claw has been linked with providing relief from nausea and other side effects of chemotherapy, and with the remission of brain and other tumors. Reports also indicate that it helps fight infections in AIDS patients and has decreased the size of visible tumors and cysts in as little as two weeks. It appears to help patients who are chemically sensitive and can help to enhance emotional stability even in extremely stressful situations. Cat's Claw is being widely used and tested in Europe as a potential treatment for various cancers and AIDS. The herb has been scientifically proven to conatin anti-carcinogenic, and anti-tumor compounds and because of its ability to act as an antioxidant it may scavenge for caricinogenic substances which can cause the formation of cancerous cells. Specific scientific studies for anti-leukemic effects on cells showed that all of the oxindole alkaloids, except one, inhibited the growth of certain leukemic cells. Based on these studies, Cat's Claw should be considered as a viable treatment for people with acute leukemia.

Cardiovascular Disease

Heart disease is the number one killer in Western countries. The proper functioning of the heart and a complete and unhindered blood flow is the most essential physiological function of the body. Again, looking at the phytochemicals in Cat's Claw, we find an abundance of proven cardiovascular protectors. The alkaloid compounds may reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack. For instance, research shows the rynchophylline alkaloid to have the ability to inhibit platelet aggregation and thrombosis. The antioxidants work to scavenge for free radicals, which frequently damage arterial walls. Plant sterols help control cholesterol. All in all, it looks as though Cat's Claw should be considered a powerful substance.


virus 2

Krallendon is the German product name of a standardized extract of uncaria tomentosa. It has been successfully used for the past six years in clinical studies, either as an isolated treatment or in conjunction with AZT to treat HIV positive and AIDS patients. It has been found to impede the multiplication of the HIV virus, to activate the immune system and to stop the development of cancerous cells. Three groups were studied. The first group was HIV positive and treated for five years. The disease was prevented from progressing in almost all patients. The second group exhibited the first sign of AIDS and were treated for six years. In almost all patients the abnormal blood values were improved within one year and the patients lost the symptoms of clinical illness. The third group has been treated for one year with Krallendorn and AZT. Abnormal blood values were improved, clinical symptoms were lessened and the secondary infections of AZT were prevented in almost all patients.


vines 2

Our immune systems go to extraordinary lengths on a daily basis to protect us from viruses, fungi, bacteria, cancer cells, environmental toxins and pollutants found in our food, air and water. Generally we are a mega-stressed society and our diets are poor. Add to that the fact that our soils are depleted of minerals and the food we do eat is sadly lacking in nutritional value. Now more than ever before in history, we must look at supplementing our diets in order to remain strong and healthy or regain our health. Cat's Claw is an herb that is showing that it can help fortify the immune system and may help prevent premature aging and health issues of many kinds. The herb is treasured by health professionals worldwide because it has demonstrated such a wide variety of applications. Cat's Claw is a sacred herb bringing hope, health and healing to people all over the world. It has the potential to greatly enhance your life. It may even save your life.


Cat's Claw has been used by the Peruvian Indians for centuries and has shown no known toxicity when investigated in Europe. Available research suggests it not be taken during pregnancy or when nursing until more research is concluded.


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