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• length: 72 inches
• width: 25 inches
• inside height: 18 inches
• Weight: 48 pounds
• Uses Very Little Electricity - Voltage 110/60 hz
• Super Conductive Heating - 750 watts, approximately 15 cents per hour
• Temperature range - 100 F to 160 F
• timer - separate for upper and lower, choice of set time with automatic shut off or continuous time
• Control Box- analog with separate controls for upper and lower dome
• Standing Dimensions: 1.5 feet x 2.5 ft x 3 ft nestled
• Dome Frame: Mahagony Wood, Outer Layer of Naugahyde
• Black Carbon FIR emitting panels
• Body Mat: Full body water proof mat
• Wheel Rollers on Upper Dome to facilitate ease of entry and exit

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