Can you recap for me briefly the different ways that someone can attempt to control their candida yeast problem?

Again let me remind you that we have experience in dealing with thousands of people when it comes to candida yeast problems and finding relief.

  • Antifungals, Either those prescribed by doctors or those found in an alternative health food store. They can kill both good & bad bacteria. They can leave your intestinal tract “barren” so the bad bacteria can regrow and repopulate even more fiercely than before. Antifungals are also hard on your other organs. Candida yeast seems to be able to mutate rendering the antifungal ineffective after a time.
  • Regular probiotics. They attempt to repopulate the intestinal tract but they seem to be too few in number to make any sort of a difference. Most bacteria that come in probiotics don’t seem to be aggressive towards candida yeast either. Plus most bacteria found in probiotics aren’t protected through enterocoating so the acids of the stomach more easily destroy the live bacteria.
  • Diet. Basically your diet is limited to green vegetables along with chicken and fish. This is designed to stop the candida yeast from being “fed”. The problem is that a diet this strict just cannot be maintained for any length of time. It’s too hard. Plus in many cases it has been found to be only slightly effective or not effective period.
  • A “synbiotic” like Candida Yeast Support. Let’s look at why this product category seems to be successful:
    • It is made up of strains of bacteria that seem to be highly aggressive towards candida yeast.
    • The bacteria doesn’t just “sit” in your intestinal tract and do nothing.
    • A “bacteria fertilizer” known as a prebiotic is combined with the live bacteria packed in the capsule, with the expressed purpose of “feeding” the good bacteria that already exists in your intestinal tract causing it to grow and reproduce which in turn helps crowd out the “bad guys”.
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