Is Silver Sol safe to take?

Silver Sol is very safe to take as it is non-toxic, even at high levels. Silver Sol is produced in extremely low parts per million (5-40 ppm); as a result, there isn’t even potential for it to pose a problem in the water treatment plants or in the environment.

It’s EPA-approved. According to their guidelines, the oral consumption of small amounts of silver in the water on a daily basis poses NO significant risk. To give you an idea of how non-toxic Silver Sol is, the EPA considers a three-gallon spill of Clorox bleach to be a toxic event. In contrast, it would take over 12 million gallons of Silver Sol to be a reportable spill (the entire contents of 12 oil tankers at the same time and place), a nearly impossible scenario.

Two possible side effects, conditions known as argyria and nephrotoxicity, are extremely unlikely to occur with this product due to the low concentration of contained silver. Elemental silver is the only metal not considered to be a heavy (hazardous) metal according to the Merck Index since it does not accumulate in the fats and does not produce poisoning. It passes through the body unchanged, thus it does not produce any harmful metabolites. In addition, it’s non-irritating to skin, eyes, lungs, and mucous membranes.

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