What about antibiotics? I thought antibiotics were good for us?

They are to a point but the fact is that doctors now prescribe antibiotics like they were prescribing candy, everyone gets antibiotics if they need them or not. Obviously for many thing antibiotics are needed and important. You remember the old physics law that states that for every action there is an equal reaction. In other words doing one thing quite often produces results that may not always be seen or understood. It’s this way with antibiotics. They are meant to kill unfriendly bacteria or infections that reside in the body. However antibiotics are indiscriminant “killers”. They can kill both good and bad bacteria. And if wholesale killing of good bacteria happens in the intestinal tract then families of fungus that are normally held in check by good bacteria can be suddenly “turned free” to reproduce at an explosive rate. Yeast or candida yeast seem to be one of those that will expand rapidly if antibiotics cause the death of too many good bacteria. Check the directions of any antibiotic; diarrhea is a pretty common malady that is associated with antibiotic use. You know what’s happening don’t you? The bacteria in your intestinal tract are thrown out of whack due to the antibiotics, which causes your waste evacuation system to go haywire. But an even more serious problem is the potential for causing fungus to grow out of control contributing too many issues throughout the body.

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